Sound Reiki: Reiki, a Way of Living

At its most simple, Reiki is a technique that quickly induces the relaxation response, a state that promotes healing and well-being. At its most profound, Reiki is a tool for spiritual transformation and a means for accomplishing physical, mental, and emotional healing on the deepest levels.

For me, Reiki is a way of living—living with the goal of being a healing presence in every thought, word, and deed. My efforts begin when my eyes open in the morning. I give myself Reiki before I rise. They continue in the morning quiet with meditation and prayer. I conclude this quiet time by sending distant Reiki to my students, clients, family, friends, others who have made specific requests, and to everything in, on, and of the planet. I ask for the healing of all that is ready to be healed.

Then I ask for the healing of all that needs to be
 healed in me. I ask that I may be a healing presence 
for all with whom I come in contact and for our 
world. I ask for the assistance of Reiki guides 
and healing angels in this, and for their help in specific ways for the things I wish to accomplish 
through the day. I treat myself with Reiki in the evening before falling asleep, and receive regular treatments from other Reiki practitioners.

Tea Garden

A Way of Living

When giving a Reiki treatment, I consciously set aside my own ego, release any judgment I may have about the recipient and all attachment to outcome. I give the best treatment I can, and, as Mrs. Takata said, “Leave the rest to God.” I teach each class with the intention of being a channel for Reiki, of allowing Spirit to “speak me, live me, be me.” I accept each student and respond to each from his or her own unique perspective. I mentor students and other practitioners by sharing information and making connections among them and with resources. I accept without judgment or jealousy the training, perspective, lineage and success of other Reiki practitioners, and gladly learn from others.

With joyful gratitude I accept the news that sending Reiki to someone in a hospital halfway across the country has averted a potentially dangerous surgery, and I cry with the client who, after months of chemotherapy and six months of weekly Reiki treatments, is told that her inoperable tumor is still growing. I take into my hand the badge of a new graduate of the police academy and with a sense of delight and privilege fulfill his request that I Reiki it. As I walk the path around a lake near my home, I send distant Reiki to a person I pass who seems to be in distress.

I put aside the flare of anger and send Reiki to the driver who cuts me off in traffic. I make eye contact and express thanks to the clerk who assists me in a store. I listen with attention, patience, and love to a friend in distress and refrain from responding with advice about what he “should” do, think, or feel. I refuse to participate in the downward spiral of gossip or judgment that sometimes creeps into everyday conversations.

When I’m writing I activate Reiki, asking for guidance in the arrangement of ideas and words that provide a clear expression of the thoughts I’m attempting to convey. I trust the Universe to meet all my needs and to provide all the resources I need. I put my trust in the Universe when I feel overwhelmed by the magnitude of misery in the world, redirecting my focus on what is mine to do—on first healing myself and on sending distant Reiki for the healing of suffering.

I accept with joy each opportunity to be of service, and I say no with love to those things that are not mine to do. I feel gratitude for life in all of its beauty, its joys, its awesome wonder, its opportunities, and yes, its suffering. When I fall short in my intention to be a healing presence, as I do everyday, I refrain from judging myself, but simply take notice and know I can choose differently next time. I give thanks for Reiki.

Note: An earlier version of this article appeared in the Winter 2007 issue of Reiki News Magazine. Of all the articles I have written about Reiki over the years, this has brought the greatest response from readers.

Marianne is a Puget Sound-based Reiki teacher and practitioner. She is a former editor, contributor, and columnist for Reiki News Magazine (2004-2010) and the author of Reiki, A Guide for the Practice of Levels I and II, which other Reiki Masters have called “one of the best Reiki books out there.” See her current class schedule. To make an appointment for a hands-on or distant Reiki session, click here.


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