Sound Reiki: Why I Teach Levels I and II Together

My Level I and II classes cover important material that is not typically taught in I and II and often not taught at all.

Potential students sometimes ask why I teach Reiki I and II together. The answer is that I believe it is important to have the information in both before you begin treating others, and I believe it is important to begin treating others as soon after the class as possible. Otherwise much of the information you have learned goes cold. Some Reiki lineages teach that you should have level I and practice on yourself and friends/family before moving to level II. In my view, treating friends and family requires as much skill as treating a client for a fee. At times, it requires more skill, because it is more difficult to detach from the outcome with friends and family, which is essential if you are to be effective and prevent taking on another’s energy.

Hayashi and Takata (two of the founders of Reiki) both taught Levels I and II back-to-back at times. Hayashi taught the classes separately in Tokyo, but when he traveled throughout Japan to teach, he taught them back-to-back. Takata also taught them both ways. (It is documented that she taught all three levels—I, II, and Master—in one weekend on at least one occasion. This I definitely don’t recommend!)

My Level I and II classes cover much material that is not typically taught in I and II and often not taught at all. This includes material that I have learned from study with four Reiki Masters, my own research, information I have learned from editing Reiki News Magazine for six years, and material I have developed from the experience of giving hundreds of hours of hands-on sessions over 17 years.

The class is a rich experience. And it is intensive. Students come away with much valuable information (and a very good text with step-by-step illustrations and explanations) and having had 21 contact hours of instruction. I also support and mentor students following the class.

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Marianne is a Puget Sound-based Reiki teacher and practitioner. She is a former editor, contributor, and columnist for Reiki News Magazine (2004-2010) and the author of Reiki, A Guide for the Practice of Levels I and II. View her current class schedule. Contact her for permission to repost.

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