Reiki for Animals

Animals welcome Reiki and respond quickly

I visited you once before for some very successful help with my dog Gracie after her tail was injured. I am writing today to see if we can try again for what appears to be a back, hip, or leg problem. Her behavior has changed and her mood, and most noticeably, her mobility. She is nine years old.

We arranged an appointment for Gracie, and I learned that her owner was packing for a move out of state. It seemed that Gracie’s agitation and changed behavior may have been related to the impending move. After the session i received this note:

Thank you so much! Gracie is a new girl, relaxed and cheerful ever since we left your place. We both appreciate your generous help.

Marcie Pleasants

  • Animals can be treated hands-on, without touch, or from a distance.
  • Reiki is useful for relieving pain and other symptoms of chronic conditions.
  • Administered after shock or injury, Reiki reduces trauma, bruising, swelling, and pain.
  • Treatment has a calming effect, helping to relieve anxiety and other symptoms caused by trauma.
  • Reiki eases pain and provides comfort for animals at the end of their lives.

Contact me to schedule an appointment for your pet or horse, for additional information, and for fees.