Surgery Support

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Surgery Support is tailored to the needs of each patient

With approval of the attending physician and attention to all hospital protocols, I accompany surgery patients in the Seattle metropolitan area, providing Reiki during pre-op, recovery, and in the patient’s hospital room. Reiki can also be sent distantly prior to, during, and after surgery, irrespective of the patient’s location.

My doctor told me to expect significant bruising and swelling after my surgery. I was amazed when only slight discoloration and a small amount of swelling occurred. I believe the distant Reiki during surgery was an important factor in this result and in the ease with which I recovered.

Helen Goehring, Seattle, WA

Patients who have received Reiki in conjunction with surgery report the following:

    • reduced anxiety
    • less bruising and swelling
    • less need of pain medication
    • more rapid recovery (as noted by their physicians)

My fee is $120 per session, plus travel fee for on-site sessions; $85 per session for distant sessions. I accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal, check, and cash.

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