Sound Reiki: Reiki Needed for Baby Boomers

Emotional distress within the baby boomer generation is reflected in a sharp rise of the suicide rate among this age group.

US deaths from suicide are now higher than deaths from automobile accidents, according to statistics released by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and reported on in The New York Times (May 2, 2013). A surprisingly sharp rise occurred among the baby-boomer generation. Suicide in this age group (35-64) rose 30%, with rates among men far higher than among women and men in their 50’s at most risk.

A supportive community enhances emotional well-being.

Adults need community and caring touch for optimum emotional health.

The causes are complex and varied; however, we know that just as infants must have caring touch to thrive, adults also need caring touch for optimum emotional health. Touch can be limited for older adults who experience social isolation, have lost a spouse, face limiting health conditions, or live in nursing homes.

It goes without saying that Reiki is not a substitute for medical treatment for serious emotional illness; however, as Reiki practitioners, we witness daily that treatment raises the spirits and confers a greater sense of peace and well-being on our clients. We render a valuable service by reaching out to those who may be especially vulnerable to emotional distress.

Read the New York Times article.

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