Sound Reiki: What Can Reiki Heal?

In Usui Sensei and Dr. Hayashi’s day, Reiki was used to treat all diseases. Treatments were extensive and intensive, given daily, sometimes several times a day, for as long as it took to get the patient well. Practitioners achieved amazing recovery rates, even with serious illnesses, as evidenced by the recovery Mrs. Takata experienced.

As practitioners we have witnessed amazing healings of our own, seen the results that our students obtain, and heard about the successes of other practitioners both personally and through published reports. In my own practice, minimum benefits that clients report include a deep sense of relaxation, a sense of greater peace, and a reduction in stress and tension. Other frequently experienced benefits are a decrease in anxiety and depression, pain relief, relief from insomnia, and more restful sleep.

Cancer patients I have worked with have experienced mitigation of the side effects of chemo and radiation, and in some cases, a reduction or cessation in the activity of tumors. Clients have reported relief from chronic pain and mitigation of the symptoms of neurological diseases. Over and over again, I see Reiki contribute to positive outcomes for surgery patients. Reiki has relieved the shock of mental, emotional, and physical trauma to victims of crime, violence, and war. It eases transition for the dying, and provides comfort, clarity, and peace for the grieving. No matter the condition or situation, Reiki can bring healing.

CattailsBlog11How, when, and what form the healing takes is not for the practitioner to determine. Healing is in the hands of the Higher Power and those of the recipient. As practitioners, we connect the recipient with the healing power of Universal energy, or as I perceive it, with Divine Love, which I believe to be the most powerful force in the universe. Because it is directed by the Higher Power, the outcome is always for the highest and best good of the recipient. We need only put ego aside, allow Reiki to flow, and be awake to the messages that the energy may give us. As Mrs. Takata admonished her students, “give the best treatment you can and leave the rest to God.”

Factors that influence healing:

Consistent Treatment

In rare instances, one Reiki treatment can bring about a complete healing. More commonly, a condition requires multiple treatments, given consistently over time. How frequently depends upon the person and the condition. Mrs. Takata taught that conditions existing for more than three weeks should be treated daily until healed.

Willingness and Intention

Healing is affected by the intention and willingness of the recipient and by the recipient’s faith in the ability of his/her own body to heal itself. The client must be willing to claim healing, accept it, and complete it by changing the beliefs, habits, activities, and thought patterns that created the discordant energy in the first place. This includes seeking medical or psychological treatment, if needed, and making any lifestyle changes indicated. Reiki can assist the client in releasing beliefs that interfere with healing and in making the lifestyle changes needed to complete the healing; however, it is the client’s responsibility to take the needed action. For instance, Reiki can relieve stress, but the client must make the life choices that reduce chronic stress; otherwise, he/she will continue to create it.

Life Purpose

The condition may be necessary in order for the client to fulfill his/her purpose in this lifetime. The physical condition may or may not be healed, but in either case, Reiki can bring about healing on the emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. It will help to reveal and integrate the lessons to be learned from the condition and to mitigate the fear, anxiety, depression, hopelessness, and confusion that may accompany chronic or terminal illness.

Healing may be dramatic and immediate; it may evolve slowly after a treatment, or it may take place on a very subtle level and only be obvious if the recipient is observant and aware of slight shifts and changes. However it manifests, healing always takes place on some level, whether or not the client and/or practitioner are aware of it. And we may be confident that whatever healing takes place is the healing needed by the client at that time.

Note: An earlier version of this post was published in the Summer 2009 issue of Reiki News Magazine. It is based on material from my book, Reiki, A Guide for the Practice of Levels I and II.

Marianne is a Puget Sound-based Reiki teacher and practitioner. She is a former editor, contributor, and columnist for Reiki News Magazine (2004-2010) and the author of Reiki, A Guide for the Practice of Levels I and II, which other teachers have called “one of the best Reiki books out there.” See her current class schedule. To make an appointment for a distant or hands-on Reiki session, click here.


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